PETG - transparent green (1,75 mm; 1 kg)

PETG - transparent green (1,75 mm; 1 kg)
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Art.No.: 040330000
EAN: 8594185640745
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Material: PETG
RAL: ...
Diameter: ⌀ 1,75 mm
Tolerance: ± 0,05 mm
Package: netto 1 kg
Temperature HE: 220-250°C
Temperature HB: 60-80°C
07. 7. 2019
Awesome filament! The color is all the same from 220-260°C tested. The layers connect either great eachother with temperatures from 220-260°C. The Diameter ist perfect and the coiling too! Usually I print it with 235°C. I hope that I can link here a photo from a printed object from me.
14. 14. 2018
Filament pm was kind enough to supply me with a free spool of this PETG filament to try out at the TCT show 2018. Firstly, the colour is fantastic and definitely one of the best shades of green i have seen. To print reliably i had to up the recommended nozzle temperature to 250degC after which the filament was consistent throughout any given print. I found that the filament diameter did not vary significantly throughout the length of the spool which helps get consistent results in the print. With an enclosed chamber and heated bed i found warping from the bed to be a bit worse than average but i think with a bit more dialing in this shouldn't cause any significant issues. The resulting print has a high quality surface finish with no visible pitting and a smooth outer surface. This filament produces less stringing than other popular brands and the finished part is noticeably stronger. The only real issue i had was with the vacuum sealed packaging: it was vacuumed to the extent that it had deformed the spool itself resulting in a bit of friction on the spool holder i was using. Overall i would recommend this filament, i will certainly be trying out what else filament pm has to offer and will likely be buying more of this for myself. Alex